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HARMONY prenatal test

Harmony is more accurate than traditional Down syndrome blood tests and much less likely to give a false-positive result. That means there will be much less chance your doctor would recommend follow-up testing, such as amniocentesis.

Harmony also tests for two other genetic conditions, trisomy 18 (Edward syndrome) and trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome).

In addition, with Harmony you have the option to evaluate X and Y sex chromosomes.

Non-invasive prenatal testing based on cell-free DNA analysis is not considered diagnostic. Once you have your Harmony test results, you can discuss your pregnancy care with your healthcare provider.


Three steps to clear answers

While other commonly used tests for Down syndrome are performed later in pregnancy and require multiple office visits, Harmony delivers clear answers as early as the first trimester with a single blood draw.

  1. A maternal blood sample is taken at week ten of pregnancy, or later.

  2. DNA in the sample is analyzed using proprietary Harmony technology.

  3. Test results are reported to your provider in 7 business days or less.


Less follow-up testing

Harmony is more accurate than traditional Down syndrome blood tests.

Harmony correctly identifies over 99 in 100 cases of Down syndrome and the false-positive rate is less than 1 in 1000.

With Harmony, there is much less chance your doctor will recommend invasive follow-up testing, such as amniocentesis, due to a false positive result.



More information in a leaflet:

Broszura testu prenatalnego Harmony